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Process Efficiency

Full Circle Business Consulting - Process Efficiency

Full Circle Business Consulting has extended training and education to assist in increased efficiency in nearly every industry. Efficiency does not mean to just make things get done faster. For us, process efficiency means to review process to streamline processes, increase process quality, and increase process effectiveness. The overall goal of increasing process efficiency is to lower costs and increase production. We do this by applying six sigma methodologies to review all aspects and processes in the business. Once we put in our recommendations to fix the issue, we also build a quality or review as well to ensure the fix remains long term.

Specific tools include:

  • Identifying risks and areas where there may be room for defects which will cost the company money.
  • Find ways to streamline processes which will save time and money.
  • Create better processes and structures internally.
  • Company organization and space management.
  • Process breakdown analysis to eliminate wasteful process.
  • Implementing quality structures to ensure high quality.
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