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How We Do This

We ensure from start to finish that we look at every detail. Extensive education and training is involved in every aspect of business. This includes traditional college courses in business management, marketing, accounting, and computer applications. What puts us a step above the rest is the implementation of proven management skills that are outside of traditional college classes including six sigma education and experience. We also ensure we are up trained and kept up to date with new education and knowledge in marketing and technology.

We have designed processes and programs to use every aspect of this education and past experience by creating a detailed process including:

1. An Initial Review- This can be a specific focus, or a general review. We review every detail and use tools to find all areas that can be improved on and to find out which ones will have the biggest impact to prioritize what should be done first.

2. Brainstorm- solutions for any issues identified. This is a complex stage where we use multiple six sigma tools and techniques to review and find out the best changes and options for the company.

3. Implement the Changes- This is the phase where we go in with the company and put the changes into place. We follow this step from beginning to end to ensure it is brought in positively and effectively. This includes all employee up training.

4. Follow up- Create a system to monitor and review process changes to ensure there was a positive outcome and employees are adhering to the changes. This also allows finding new opportunities and ensuring that new processes are followed.

By following this process, it ensures consistence with the all services we provide including marketing. This process ensures that no detail is left out, and you get the best possible outcome every time.

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